About Us
I started this business in the suburbs of Cleveland, OH in 1996 and did business as Like New Homes.  I didnt want to be just ANOTHER remodeling company, but a business that people believed in.  I wanted to build on the ideas and principals that I had learned as a child from my grandparents.  I wanted to bring homes back to life and help their owners love them the way they used to.  I wanted my customers to know that I was there for them before, during, and after the project.  That I would listen to their wants and needs to help create their dream. I remodeled many kitchens and baths, built a number of decks and 3 season rooms,  installed miles of hardwood floors, and built many relationships.

In 2006, I moved my family to Wesley Chapel, Fl to get away from the Cleveland weather as many people do. I left the town but not the relationships.  I still speak with many of my customers and they still have my cousin Steve do work for them. 

The name has changed but not the concept.  At Classic Custom Carpentry Inc., we take pride in the work that we do for our customers.  We do business the way your grandfather would have done it 50 years ago.  The way my grandfather did it.  ALWAYS PUT THE CUSTOMER FIRST,  YOUR WORD IS YOUR BOND, and IF YOU'RE GOING TO DO IT, DO IT RIGHT, THE FIRST TIME.

These are the words we live by and do business by.  They are what set us apart from the rest and are non-negotiable.  Ask any of the many people I have done work for and they will tell you just how true this is.  I DONT BUILD A CUSTOMER BASE, I BUILD RELATIONSHIPS.

Robert Samide Sr.

Our Services
We strive to make all aspects of your project as easy for you as possible.  From the initial consultation to the cleanup and finalization of the project,  you will be informed of the project time frame, how things are proceding on a daily basis, and you will be asked for your input daily so your project turns out exactly as you envisioned.  It is just as important to us as it is to you that everything on your project run smoothly.

All of the projects we take on reflect our experience.  If your project is one that we are inexperienced at, we will not undertake it, simply since we cannot guarantee your satisfaction.  Sub-contractors are used for certain facets of projects we do and are held to the same standards we follow.  We use certain people because they have demonstrated time and time again their willingness to satisfy their customers as well as ours.

The materials we use are of high quality to ensure your satisfaction.  We will not use products that are cheap or are of low quality to keep the price down.  This creates warranty problems and can keep you from being satisfied with your project.  We warranty all of our work for one year, but we want you to be happy with the job for many years after the warranty.  REMEMBER, YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!

Our Services
  - General Remodeling
  - Kitchens
  - Bathrooms
  - Laminate floors
  - Hardwood floors
  - Ceramic tile floors
  - Ceramic tile
  - Crown moulding
  - Doors and windows
  - Trim and custom trim
  - Custom laminate

We Specialize in:
  - Kitchens
  - Bathrooms
  - Decks
  - Custom moulding


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Hi. I'm Bob Sr. and I am Classic Custom Carpentry Inc.  Hiring CCC means you are hiring me.  I do all of the work from the initial meeting, to the final cleanup and walkthrough and everything in between.  I do it all and thats how I can guarantee your satisfaction.  You have my word on it.